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my road to graphic design

Since my early childhood I have practised a great variety of handcrafts. After my skills and enthusiasm, I was suggested to become an artist. While I was trained at after-school drawing courses, I focused on developing a solid foundation of languages and science. Studying Mathematics in one of the best schools in Hungary, gave me logical way of thinking, ability of problem solving and preciseness. My advanced computing skills would have led me towards informatics, if I did not hear in the "last minute" about a graphic design program in Denmark. This was just the beginning of my journey, as later I got my Bachelor in Norway, and recently finished my Masters at the University of the Arts London. These three different approaches to graphic design has absolutely widened my way of thinking.


In my whole life I have travelled a lot which helped me to get used to leaving home and to find out another interest of mine, photography. It has become a part of my life, it has become a passion.


I have won several competitions in drawing, photography and design. This way I acquired connections and got experience in working for clients and employers.

as a person

I am a creative and hard working person with ambition, who likes to work both in team and individually. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, I am an INTJ type. I consider this result valid, so if you want to know more about my personality, you can read about the INTJ type here. I like to try out new things, get to know people and different cultures.

I believe these things above make me more than a common graphic designer.

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