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Madách Iskola

Szeged, Hungary | 2008

A small visual identity design for Imre Madach Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School, or Madách Iskola, as it is generally known for short. The school is named after Imre Madách, a famous Hungarian writer and poet. Even though the school had a history of 125 years in 2008, my task was to design its first logo ever, and a letterhead.

logo As the logo was requested to reflect traditional values, I decided to use a classical typeface on the circular format of a traditional seal, and to indicate the year of establishment. The letter 'M' in the middle, is a reproduction of Madách's signature, which is also supported by the two goose feathers, that were used to make quills in the writer's time.
letterhead The letterhead with the continuation sheet
As the results were perceived positively by the client, I was hired to design a yearbook too, that you can read more about here.
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