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Centre for dialogue and organization

Aalborg, Denmark | 2008-2009

Visual identity design for CDO (Centre for dialogue and organization), a business of training interpersonal communication skills, mastering dialogue and conflict solving.

CDO (formerly known as Væksthuset) announced a small competition for a new name and visual identity. My entry was chosen to be the winner. The name for the organization was not settled at the beginning of the competition, therefore my entry was made for CIO (Center for Interpersonel Organisationskommunikation). Even though, CDO was chosen to be the official name at the end, my logo concept was preferred, so I was asked to alter my idea to present CDO.

final logo The abbreviated name of the organization (cdo) can be recognized, in the form of a red and blue speech bubble. The letter 'd' appears partially, but it can be seen as a whole together with the 'c'. For clarification, the full name of CDO is added as well.
logo under construction The logo, under construction
first version logo The winner logo concept, that was made for CIO, and altered later to CDO
letterhead The letterhead
envelope The envelope
business card The business card
design manual page 1 A couple of pages from the Design Manual design manual page 2
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