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Szeged, Hungary | 2009

Visual identity design for WILD-MIX, a Hungarian company, the profiles of which are game meat selling, timber production and trading with fodder for wild animals.

logo The logotype is formed by the bodies of a wild boar, a deer in negative space, and a pheasant. The head of the latter one also resembles the eye of the boar. These are the animals which are in the main focus regarding the operation of company. The chosen colors are two different gradients of the brown, which conveys warmth and honesty, thus reflecting qualities of this down-to-earth company.
printed logo
stationery and the design manual The stationery and the Design Manual ("Arculati kézikönyv")
envelope In some cases (e.g. for indicating the mailing address on the envelope), additional text can be attached to the logo. envelope
letterhead The letterhead
invoice The invoice (above) and its footer with the full name of the company (below) footer
business card (front) The front (above) and back (below) of the business card business card (back)
design manual The front cover and some pages of the Design Manual ("Arculati kézikönyv") design manual - contents design manual - logo variations design manual - fonts design manual - letterhead
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