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Szeged, Hungary | 2009

Visual identity design, name concept and promotional materials for KISS DRINK, a Hungarian start-up, that planned to export pálinka (a Hungarian spirit) based drinks to the Danish market and target young adults. Their first product to export was planned to contain added honey and sour cherries.

This project was executed as my final exam at University College Nordjylland.

logo The logo visualizes the name in a way that it also forms a lipstick kiss. It is easy to recognize, to understand what it symbolizes, and to form connection with the name and the product.
designed products The designed products
label To make the product stand out of the similar products at the point of decision, a special label was designed to assist the drink's color. The way the label embraces the bottle all the way around in a diagonal manner, can resemble the peel of a fruit. This way, it also enhances the main value of the product, i.e. the fruity ingredients of the drink. KISS in a bar The product in a bar (above), and on the shelves in a store (below), among the "competitors" KISS on the shelves
KISS game A special sales promotion was planned by attaching a gift to the bottles. It is very common among youths to start at a house party before going out, where drinking games are often played. By including a KISS dice (and the description of the KISS game) with the drink, the consumers can be suggested to play a drinking game with it and the purchased KISS drink. Among the participants, the game can also raise awareness about the product.
stationery The stationery
letterhead The letterhead (above) and the invoice (below) invoice
envelope face The front of the envelope (above), and its back (below) with a lipstick kiss (the logo) as a seal envelope back
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