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A visual identity for self-branding, that communicates my qualities as a graphic designer and photographer. The design is mostly characterized by geometric shapes, and parallel lines, that reflects precise and well-structured approach to work. While the employed color scheme is dominated by different shades of grey, additional fresh colors give highlights to the design in a minimalistic manner. The colors are used only separately, as each of them are associated with one particular section or category. Since 2010, smaller alterations and extensions have been made occasionally to the visual idenity. The latest change is this very website, which was developed and replaced the old one, in 2013.

logo The logo on a 90% grey background
special edition business card A special limited edition flippable business card
colorful business cards Mass produced business cards in varying colors (black, orange, purple, green)
letterhead The letterhead
You can read more about the currently developed website here.
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