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Badajoz, Spain | 2012

A logo, designed for an up-and-coming company in Spain, that sells agricultural waste to create energy through burning. The logo was suggested to reflect "creativity" and employ "lively colors".

final logo My goal was to create a simple logo (that is especially effective in B2B communication), by adding only a small visual element to the type, to make the logo memorable and recognizable. My main focus was to show that the energy is "hidden" in the agricultural waste, and Scantico can help to reveal it. Derived from the initial skype meeting, I was trying to communicate the following words through the logo: fresh, energetic, creative, smart. In the final version, the letter "S" forms a flame, which comes out of a burning object, that represents the biomass.
initial suggestions Initial suggestions, from which the second concept was picked by the client for further development.
alteration on the lettering Alteration on the lettering
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