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Lili Vision

London, United Kingdom | 2014

Visual identity design for Lili Vision, an exclusive brand consulting firm whose vision centres around international fashion brand development. The brand values that were aimed to be reflected through the identity were determined as elegant, feminine, sleek, sophisticated and chic.

final logo The final logo with a stylized lily attached to the company name written in a decorative script. The colors are limited to black and white, but the elements own varying degrees of transparency, resembling the characteristics of crystals.
initial suggestions Initial suggestions
petal designs In the process of modeling petals for the lily from paper, based on diamond cuts and golden ratio petal model 1 petal model 2
alterations on the lily The progress of the lily towards its final form
business card (back) The back (above) and front (below) of the business card business card (front)
leaflet Leaflet
holding page A simple holding page presenting basic information of the company, and providing alternative contact information while the website is under development
  • Aalborg, Denmark
  • +45/ 50 37 49 11
  • mail to