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Aalborg – Byen Vi Elsker

Aalborg, Denmark | 2016

With more than 100,000 inhabitants, Aalborg is the capital of North Jutland and the fourth-largest city in Denmark. Its history goes back over a 1,000 years, and the traces of its different ages can still be seen and visited. Ongoing developments are transitioning the city from a working-class industrial area to a knowledge-based community. In 2013, the citizens of Aalborg were found to be the most satisfied people in Europe with their city, which repeated itself in 2015 - according to a research by the European Commission.

As a tribute to Aalborg, I started an illustration project with the title "Aalborg - Byen Vi Elsker" ("Aalborg - The City We Love"). It showcases the most prominent buildings, landmarks and monuments of the city in a clean, simplified and flattened manner, while trying to maintain realistic proportions and colors.

My aim with this ongoing project is to bring more attention on Aalborg and promote its cultural heritage (with a special focus on architecture), while strengthening the local community and identity, by nurturing the pride of Aalborgenserne (the citizens of Aalborg) for their city. To make them proud of Aalborg, the city where we love to live, the city we love.

Byen Vi Elsker posters
Aalborg Tårnet and Vor Frelser Kirke The posters of Aalborg Tårnet and Vor Frelser Kirke
Aalborg Tårnet and Vor Frelser Kirke The poster of Haraldslund library and swimming hall

The posters are available for purchase at www.byenvielsker.dk (within Denmark). Further illustrations are coming up, so make sure to check the site regularly, or follow the project's facebook page.

You can also see and read more of the project on Behance.

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