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Multi-source light projection

London, United Kingdom | 2011

For the Final Major Project of my MA in Graphic Design, my primary intention was to understand multi-source light projection, which I have worked with throughout the year. A thorough research about wayfinding signage helped me to determine the uniqueness of the technique and the needs it can fulfill. German expressionist and film noir movies were analyzed in order to learn about the shadow as a medium. The proposed innovative technique for signage engages the visitor and gives an experience beyond information. The projected signs can be altered and animated through personal intervention. The signage is not intrusive and support the visitor's intuitive orientation.

For this project, it was not aimed to design specific signs or a whole system, but a few examples have been created to present the potential of the technique. Further developments can be made by incorporating colors, using more than two light sources, incorporating natural light, and projecting not only on walls, but other surfaces as well. The introduction of moving sensor based audio guides at each projector might improve the technique into an inclusive signage scheme.

test image Setup 1 – The stronger light source projects a short message, "Library Opening Hours", in big size, which makes it readable from a bigger distance and works as an eyecatcher. The weaker one, on the other hand, provides the actual opening hours and provides a detailed information. When the personal intervention takes place, the stronger projection gets blocked, thus revealing the other message beneath it. test image
test image Setup 2 – Both of the light sources project a message to the same spot, which differs partially (location and direction). When no intervention takes place, the matching information appears darker than the differing one, and therefore, it has no directing power. However, when one of the light sources is obstructed by a visitor, a clear message is provided by the sign. On the pictures (above and below), this technique was combined with the fact, that people who are lost, prefer to ask others instead of finding the way on their own. test image test image Setup 2 – The way how the sign looks, depending on the position of the visitor.
test image Setup 3 – One of the light sources projects a visual sign, while the other one makes it almost invisible, with a plain light projection. When a visitor passes by, the illustration gets revealed, as seen on the picture (above).
Projection tests
test image Figure variations for Setup 2
test image Resarch about the shadow as a medium in movies
test image Experiments about multi-source light projection with candles
test image The container of the submitted project
test image The submitted documents
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