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Aalborg, Denmark | 2014

The task was to enhance the user interface design of MinTimeseddel's web application. It is used by managers of companies that provide services, such as cleaning, plumbing, gardening, etc. With the help of the app, managers can add, manage and overview datasheets for projects, services, customers and employees. This then allows them to easily assign the specific tasks to the employees.

employees desktop view The employees page – The current page is highlighted with green color in the main navigation bar. On this page the users get an overview of all the employees. They have the possibility to add new employees, edit the data of existing ones, move employees between the active and inactive categories, and assign tasks to them.
icons A set of icons was designed for the task. The first row contains the icons for main navigation in the following order: Dashboard, Employees, Customers, Tasks, Services, Reports. The icons in the second row: Back, Edit, Delete, Add, Calendar, PDF, Switch (between active and passive), Password, Forward. Third row: Back, User, Forward.
add employee page The form for adding a new employee
reports page The reports page with quiry options, that lists and summarizes data
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